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Is it cheaper with used car parts?

At VOLVOSHOP, used car parts are always at a price of about 50% of the price of a new part. So you will get an original, used part at a lower price than the price for a new part when you shop with us. The plus is that you get free consultation to determine exactly what your car's problem is, as well as to determine the compatibility of the requested part.

Do you have any warranty for used parts?

VOLVOSHOP gives you a WARRANTY for all used parts purchased.

With us, you feel as safe as when you buy a new, Volvo-certified piece. That's why we basically leave the same warranty for Volvo-certified components as when you buy a new one. We are responsible for ensuring that all recycled parts are of a guaranteed quality and functionality, even assuming the incompatibility of the ordered product, by replacing it with a compatible one.

We dismantle, reuse - recycle.

Through the dismantling process we make efforts to respect the environment through a whole process of reuse and selective collection of waste from the disassembly of vehicles, thus aligning with the requirements of national and European regulations. We encourage our customers to purchase parts from disassembly, by providing guarantees, the possibility of return in case of any inconvenience and we also offer free advice on everything that means discovering the real defects of the car and establishing the compatibility of parts, considering them also our partners in the process of recycling and environmental protection.