With over 10 years of experience, Volvodez, comes to all drivers with the best advice and spare parts for any type of Volvo car.

           We pride ourselves on the fact that Volvodez has grown so quickly and beautifully and that you have shown us your trust from the very beginning, so that we are now the largest company of its kind in Eastern Europe. We are happy to see that you feel the same confidence and security when you leave with parts from us, as when you buy new Volvo certified parts. 

            Very important is the fact that with us you get free consultation, to diagnose first the real problem of your car and at the same time to choose the right and compatible part that your car needs.

            We have a wide range of Volvo parts, both new and used. But it's good to know that whatever the type of part, we don't compromise on quality and ensure that all recycled parts are in top condition and working to their full capacity. We also take care of any part incompatibility and are willing to replace the part with a compatible one.

             You will always find cost-effective prices with us, because we are more interested in drivers being safe on the road, leaving satisfied and with genuine Volvo parts. That's why both new and used parts will be presented in perfect condition.

            With us you will find used parts, but in perfect working order, at a much better price than new parts. So you get an original part at a lower price than the price for a new part when you shop with us. And for added security, we offer a warranty on any part you buy from us. 

          In addition to ensuring the quality of the parts, we also take care of their delivery throughout Europe. We know how important promptness is, which is why we ensure fast delivery wherever you are in Europe.

        We don't stop there, we also like to expand our scope, so we also take care of parts testing and stay in touch with new technologies to give our customers the most honest, reliable and helpful advice on Volvo parts and cars.

        Through the dismantling process we strive to respect the environment through a whole process of reuse and selective collection of waste from the dismantling of vehicles, thus complying with the requirements of national and European regulations. In all our processes, however, we do not forget that care for the environment is extremely important, so we have special procedures, whereby we do not pollute or harm the environment in any way and we are careful to recycle and reuse all possible parts.

              What makes Volvodez ideal for Volvo owners?

       First and foremost, the quality of our services and products, because we cover in volume and variety all the needs that may arise over the years regarding the condition and functionality of your car. At the same time, our 10 years of experience in the field is also worthwhile, as our team of mechanics is always ready to advise you on the parts you need. 

        The value for money that we have offered over the years has helped us to build up an excellent reputation and a large circle of loyal customers, as well as a large number of collaborators. From the very beginning we have aimed to provide you with only quality and competitive products, while trying to offer the most affordable prices on the market. We encourage our customers to opt for second-hand parts, but in perfect condition, through the guarantee we provide for these parts.

       We are convinced that you will find in our company not only the parts you need, but also the team of specialists and friends you can rely on in any problem related to your Volvo.