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About us

With more than 10 years of experience in the market, Volvodez is the largest platform in Eastern Europe providing parts exclusively for Volvo cars. We supply new and HS parts only for Volvo and provide quality and a 30-day guarantee for every part ordered on the site. We work with a team of specialist mechanics, test parts and provide technical support and advice for any problems you may have with your Volvo car. From mechanical parts and bodywork to genuine Volvo wheels, you'll find the best solutions on the Volvodez platform for low cost and fast delivery. 

We deliver parts all over Europe for Volvo cars and support environmental care through the Volvodez initiative and a verified parts recycling process. This way we don't pollute and we prioritise environmental care among our company values. 

Register now for free on the Volvodez platform and get access to hundreds of parts for your Volvo model. Find the parts you need by entering the name in the search bar. Add the parts to your shopping cart and confirm your order. Immediately after placing your order you can check the status of your order and can always call the seller for more details about your order or return it if the part doesn't fit. 

That's how easy it is to order new and SH parts for your Volvo! 

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